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The first personal assay system for label-free kinetic binding analysis of small molecules and proteins at your bench… and under your control.

Agile R100 label-free kinetic binding data

Kinetic binding data at your fingertips

Agile R100 is the perfect system for drug discovery researchers who want to save time, cost, and resources. Designed specifically to validate hits, its single-sample format makes assays easy to run from the comfort of your bench. If your goal is to get information-rich kinetic binding data early in the drug discovery process to reduce costly mistakes further down the line, keep exploring…

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Why Agile R100?

Kinetic binding data lets you understand more about your drug’s potential residence time, toxicity, and selectivity, but previous systems have limitations in sensitivity, sample needs, and labeling requirements. Agile R100 is the first personal assay system that makes it easy to get accurate label-free analysis for small molecules and proteins at your bench… and on your schedule.

At last, sensitive results. With an unprecedented 11-log dynamic range, you can use a single platform to measure and develop weakly-binding fragments into high-affinity compounds with accuracy and reliability.

Kick labels to the curb. In addition to increasing assay development time and cost, labels can interfere with the functional activity of a drug and produce misleading results. Go label-free and simplify your assay design to have confidence in your candidate selection.

With just a 10 µL drop of sample… you can get more data from less material. Agile R100 lets you preserve precious reagents and resources and reduce your cost to data.

Sense in complex samples. Agile R100 only registers a signal change when molecules bind to or dissociate from the immobilized target. Small molecules and proteins can be measured directly in solvents such as DMSO (up to 10%), detergents, cell fractions, or tissue lysate, significantly reducing sample prep time.

Real-time data for on-the-fly protocol changes and immediate answers. Viewing interactions as they occur provides real-time insight as your experiment runs, instead of waiting until the end. This combined with Agile R100’s single-sample format enables mid-experiment changes to assay protocol that is impossible on other platforms.

Easy to use. If you can run an ELISA, then you can run Agile R100. Your sample is applied directly to the sensor surface, which eliminates the need to learn complicated system components and processes. Just take Agile R100 out of the box, plug it into a laptop, and you’re ready to start.

Breakthrough orthogonal technique. Agile R100 uses a proprietary electrical technique rather than an optical one, making it an excellent orthogonal option to validate your hits, especially when optical methods might not work.


Join us to learn more about the Agile R100 orthogonal approach for kinetic characterization!

Nanomedical Diagnostics 2018 Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening Conference booth

2018 Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening

We’ll be in Booth 332 at the 2018 the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) conference in San Diego from Feb. 3-7 to launch Agile R200, breakthrough label-free biosensor that can provide kinetic binding data for over 20,000 measurements an hour.

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