Welcome to AGILE R100

Reliable biophysical characterization, at your fingertips.


The easy-to-learn AGILE R100 assay makes it simple to get dose-response curves and kinetic binding data earlier in the drug discovery process when you need it most. Built with highly sensitive, proprietary Field Effect Biosensing (FEB) technology, AGILE R100 enables detection even in crude samples using minimal volume, giving you control over the complete characterization of your biomolecules. 

Optimize leads with a novel label-free method and achieve measurements never before possible!

High sensitivity with AGILE R100


10 µL of sample

11-log dynamic range

Label-free measurements with AGILE R100


Label-free reduces

design complexity

AGILE R100 is a benchtop tool


Personal system

weighing 2 lbs.

AGILE R100 provides fast measurements in 2 minutes


Assay development

Sense in 2 minutes


AGILE R100’s open-pipetting design enables on-the-fly assay modification, vastly reducing assay development time.
See how it’s used in this 1:32 video!


Join us to learn more about the AGILE R100 orthogonal approach to biophysical characterization at one of these events!

Nanomedical Diagnostics booth at American Chemical Society (ACS) conference

2017 American Chemical Society National Meeting

Meet us at Booth 1434 at the 2017 American Chemical Society National Meeting in San Francisco from Apr. 2 through 4. For a complimentary guest pass to learn how AGILE R100 can turbocharge your research, contact us!

Nanomedical Diagnostics speaking at Materials Research Society (MRS) 2017 Spring meeting

2017 Materials Research Society Spring Meeting

Our VP Production, Dr. Mitchell Lerner, will present a talk about the commercial fabrication of graphene biosensors at the 2017 Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring Meeting on Apr. 19 in Phoenix. Join us!

2017 Drug Discovery Chemistry conference

2017 Drug Discovery Chemistry Conference

Join us at the 2017 Drug Discovery Chemistry Conference in San Diego from Apr. 23 through 27 to learn how AGILE R100 can enable you to gain biophysical data earlier in the drug discovery process – when it matters most!

Nanomedical Diagnostics2017 AAPS National Biotechnology Conference booth

2017 AAPS National Biotechnology Conference

Contact us for a complimentary guest pass to the 2017 AAPS National Biotechnology Conference in San Diego from May 1 through 3 to visit us at Booth 213 and learn more about biophysical characterization with AGILE R100!


CRADA with the CDC to evaluate direct electronic detection for disease diagnostic systems.
DARPA grant awarded to develop hand-held drug therapeutic monitoring devices.
Mayo Clinic evaluating the diagnostic capabilities of field effect biosensor chips.
Stanford School of Medicine using AGILE R100 for in vitro kinetic binding data.