Agile R100 On the Rocks for GPCR Characterization

Some of the most important drug targets on the market today are unstable at room temperature and require cold temps for accurate measurements. Dedicated scientists shiver in cold rooms in the name of stable proteins and reliable data. We’ve got good news, you can now leave your parka at home! Agile R100 is a personal assay system that makes kinetic characterization easy…. on the rocks.

GPCRs are the critical drug targets but are notoriously unstable at room temperature. Other kinetic binding platforms lack the ability to regulate temperature… no chill. Agile R100 uses an electrical technique that is unaffected by temperature, and it’s very small, so to measure GPCRs, we put the system on a bed of ice! Agile biosensor chips have built‑in thermometers, letting you monitor the temperature of your proteins in real-time through Agile Plus software. The system’s solid aluminum casing is a great thermal conductor, letting your sample easily reach the temperature of the platform. Plus, the underside of Agile R100 is completely sealed to prevent water damage.

So, exactly how did we do it? We filled an ice‑bucket, pressed in the system, and made an Agile R100 snow angel. Once we confirmed that the target low temperature was reached, we began our GPCR measurement. Because Agile R100 measures in real-time, we were able to monitor the temperature and stability of our molecules and ensure our proteins were in optimal shape for successful kinetic binding. So don’t do the ice-bucket challenge every time you want to characterize a temperature-sensitive protein. Use Agile R100 instead, and stay warm and toasty.

For more details on this experiment, see the Reproducible Characterization of GPCR and Small Molecule Compound Interactions Using Agile R100 application note.

GPCR characterization with temperature regulation

Agile R100 placed on a bed of ice to maintain the structural integrity of GPCR A2A.