Small Molecule Detection

Based on breakthrough Field Effect Biosensing (FEB) technology, Agile R100 monitors small molecules with no lower size limits.


Data from Agile R100 showing standard curve of 0.1 – 1000 µM of small molecule PIC in 1X PBS buffer with 1% DMSO binding to immobilized SYK.


Data from Agile R100 showing standard curve of 0.5 – 100 µM of small molecule SPD304 in 1X PBS buffer with 10% DMSO binding to immobilized TNFα.



Standard curve of small molecule naltrexone binding to immobilized GPCR. Data taken at University of Pennsylvania with a LOD of 10 pg/mL and was validated by ELISA with a LOD of 1 ng/mL. Lerner et al., ACS NanoLetters 2014.



Data from Agile R100 showing standard curve of a kinase in 1X PBS buffer binding to immobilized small molecule peptide.

Measurements in DMSO and in High Concentration

Non-optical technology enables Agile R100 to detect in DMSO without need for solvent correction, reducing time to data.

Data from Agile R100 showing four standard curves of SPD304 binding to TNFα in four different concentrations of DMSO. The highest concentration of SPD304 used was 100 µM.

High Sensitivity Sensing in the Femtomolar Range

Agile biosensor chips are made with graphene, a single atomic layer of carbon. Every atom of graphene is exposed to the environment, making it highly sensitive to the change in conductance caused by interaction or binding that occurs on the sensor surface. This enables detection even with small amounts of starting material, small volumes, low concentrations, and weak biomolecular interactions.

Data taken with Agile platform using 500 pg/mL bacterial antigen binding to immobilized monoclonal antibody.

Small Samples

Agile R100 is designed to use small volumes. The microfluidic-free liquid handling design requires only 10 µL to measure. The optimized binding chemistry means that there is no need to coat the sensor surface with excess protein; only a few thousand proteins are needed for functionalization, enabling nM concentrations and low volumes of material.

 Small Material Amount: 10.2 nM


Data from Agile R100 showing 10 µM of SPD304 target analyte in 1X PBS buffer with 10% DMSO binding to 10.2 nM of immobilized TNFα.

 Small Sample Volume Amount: 4 nL


Data from Agile R100 showing 4 nL of llama serum target analyte diluted in 1X PBS with 0.1% tween buffer binding to 11 nM Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria.

Fast Time to Results

Simple-step, well-based design enables kinetic binding data within minutes of sample prep, ideal for measuring unstable compounds.


Data from Agile R100 showing recombinant kinase in PBS buffer binding to an immobilized peptide therapeutic.