Management Team


The Nanomedical Diagnostics executive team has melded the worlds of biology, chemistry, physics, manufacturing, and business to bring cutting-edge Field Effect Biosensing (FEB) products to market. We are committed to our vision of partnering with life science researchers and medical practitioners to change the face of healthcare with a new, disruptive technology.



Joseph D. Keegan, PhD, Executive Chairman

Dr. Keegan has over 30 years of experience in life science businesses. As CEO at ForteBio, Inc. he led the Series C financing which raised $25M, established product development and sales strategies that resulted in 2007-11 compounded annual revenue growth of 45% to $27M , and exited the company in 2012 through its sale to Pall Corporation for a return to investors of $160M. During his 9 year tenure as CEO at Molecular Devices Corporation, Dr. Keegan grew the company’s revenues from $30M to $185M through internal growth and acquisitions. In early 2007, he oversaw its acquisition by MDS Corporation for $615M. Dr. Keegan joined MDC from Becton Dickinson and Company where he served as President of Worldwide Tissue Culture and Vice President, General Manager of Worldwide Flow Cytometry. Prior to Becton Dickinson, Dr. Keegan was Vice President of the Microscopy and Scientific Instruments Division of Leica, Inc. In addition to Nanomedical Diagnostics, he currently serves on the Boards of Directors of Arrayjet LTD, Bio-Techne (NASDAQ:TECH), Carterra, Halo Labs, Interpace Diagnostics (NASDAQ:IDXG), and Labcyte as Chairman. Dr. Keegan holds a B.A. in Chemistry from Boston University and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Stanford University.


Ross Bundy, MBA, Founder & CEO

A founding member of Nanomedical Diagnostics and the company’s CEO, Ross is a graduate of UCSD with an MBA from SDSU. Ross’s passion is precision execution, and he applies this to driving company direction and operations, developing strategic collaborations and partnerships, and raising capital funding. Ross brings business development, supply chain, finance, and operations expertise from 13 years of experience in industries ranging from consumer goods to defense manufacturing to financial services. At Bumble Bee Foods, Ross created and implemented cross-functional supply chain procedures that reduced processing hours while improving scheduling accuracy and decreasing cost. Prior to Bumble Bee at General Dynamics, Ross identified and negotiated business development projects that gained the company new opportunities in alternative energy, commercial construction, and heavy tool manufacturing. At UBS Financial Services, Ross created financial models to estimate future growth rates. Ross brings a demonstrated track record of successful implementation and a well-rounded background to his role as CEO of Nanomedical Diagnostics.


Brett Goldsmith, PhD, Founder & CTO

A founding member of Nanomedical Diagnostics and the company’s CTO, Dr. Goldsmith’s passion is taking nanoelectronic technology out of the theoretical realm to create practical products.  One of the few people in the world with the combined expertise in biology and nanotechnology needed to develop graphene as a viable bio-electronic device, Dr. Goldsmith was the lead researcher on landmark field effect biosensing papers in Science and Nature Nanotechnology.  His early work established coupling of biochemical systems to carbon nanotubes, for which he won the Nottingham Prize from the Physical Electronics Conference. Following graduate school at UC Irvine, Dr. Goldsmith joined the University of Pennsylvania as an Intelligence Community Fellow and led a project developing electronic devices coupled with GPCRs for multiplexed small molecule sensing. Leaving his post-doc position to start a nanotechnology group at the Navy’s San Diego laboratory, Dr. Goldsmith identified technological needs in the field and advanced nanotechnology solutions to those needs through partnership with programs including Living Foundries and IVN Dx. Dr. Goldsmith brings proven experience in applying technological advancements in materials and electronics to biomedical needs.


Francie Barron, PhD, R&D and Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Barron earned her PhD in Cell Biology, Stem Cells and Development at the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus. She brings 19 years of research experience in academic, pharmaceutical, and regulatory settings to her role optimizing biological systems and directing regulatory strategies for clinical products. At the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Dr. Barron produced over 50 novel antibodies for C. elegans targets. In her graduate work, Dr. Barron elucidated a signaling pathway linked to craniofacial defects in pediatric patients. As a postdoc at Stanford with a NIH training grant award, she worked to develop a new in vitro drug screening process to assess the safety of novel compounds on iPSC-derived human cardiomyocytes. With a proven track record and a deep understanding of biology and its application to life science and clinical markets, Dr. Barron is excited to guide research and development projects to commercial success.