We have a CRADA with the CDC to evaluate direct electronic detection for disease diagnostic systems.

We are working on a DARPA grant awarded to develop hand-held drug therapeutic monitoring devices.

We have a partnership with Johns Hopkins to develop a hand-held drug detection device.

Stanford Medicine utilizes Agile R100 to gather in vitro kinetic binding data for peer-reviewed publications, including Nature.

We are working with the Mayo Clinic to evaluate the diagnostic capabilities of field effect biosensor chips.

We have worked with the University of California at San Diego to co-develop graphene applications.

Rogue Valley Microdevices has partnered with us to develop the only commercial graphene biosensor fabrication process in the world.

Samtec is our packager of large-scale quantities of graphene biosensor chips.

Verasco is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm creating the electronics, mechanics, and software for our products.

We have a CRADA to co-develop graphene product fabrication with the U.S. Navy.

We are a supporter of the Competency X program at Del Lago Academy, a local San Diego high school.

We were one of nine companies accepted out of 104 applicants for this top San Diego start-up incubator.