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Agile R200

Automated High-Throughput Fragment Screening

Based on the same Field Effect Biosensing technology as assay development tool Agile R100, Agile R200 is a high-throughput hit identification platform. Agile biosensor chips are built into 96-well plates that can be used with standard automated liquid handlers. With the ability to take a measurement in each well every 15 minutes, Agile R200 can provide over 3,000 measurements in an 8-hour workday, easily surpassing the throughput of existing kinetic binding tools. This means for the first time ever, biophysical data can be gathered in an initial screen for an entire fragment library in a single day!

Agile R200 is slated to launch early 2018.


Easier, Faster, Accurate Detection

We’re applying our graphene biosensor technology to develop an improved diagnostic test for the Lyme disease bacteria as well as the body’s immune response, to deliver results as early as three days post-infection and possibly confirm eradiation of the disease.