Nanomedical Diagnostics VP Production To Speak at Materials Research Society Spring Meeting

San Diego | April 11, 2017

Dr. Mitchell Lerner will share details about the fabrication process behind the world’s first mass-manufactured graphene biosensor, AGILE R100.

Nanomedical Diagnostics Announces Partnership with Rogue Valley Microdevices, Delivering World’s First Successful High-Volume Manufacturing for Graphene Biosensors

San Diego | March 8, 2017

AGILE R100, a kinetic binding platform created by the cost-effective, high-throughput fabrication process, gives pharmaceutical companies access to a novel label-free biophysical characterization tool.

Nanomedical Diagnostics to Present Field Effect Biosensing for Fragment-Based Drug Discovery at SLAS 2017

San Diego | January 24, 2017

Novel FEB technology provides high-quality kinetic binding and affinity data to accurately identify hits.

Nanomedical Diagnostics Electronic Label-Free Assay Supports Positive Cooperativity in Study Published in Nature

San Diego | December 1, 2016

Kinetic binding data generated by the easy-to-use AGILE R100 system supports a new pathway for treatment of diseases.

Nanomedical Diagnostics CEO and CTO to Introduce Electronic Label-Free Assay Based on Field Effect Biosensing Technology at IDTechEx Show

San Diego | November 10, 2016

Ross Bundy and Dr. Brett Goldsmith will share how AGILE R100 provides small therapeutics companies access to the same data available to large pharma.

Joe Keegan, Former CEO of Octet-manufacturer ForteBio, joins Nanomedical Diagnostics Board of Directors

San Diego | November 1, 2016

Dr. Keegan to provide expertise in the label-free detection market as the company expands sales of AGILE R100, its benchtop biosensor assay for lead optimization.

Nanomedical Diagnostics Announces Peer-Reviewed Publication Demonstrating High Sensitivity and Selectivity With the AGILE R100 Label-Free Electronic Assay

San Diego | October 11, 2016

Co-authored by scientists from UCSD and UCI, the publication highlights enzyme, antibody, and insulin experiments that showcase AGILE R100’s ability to exceed current protein characterization methods.

Nanomedical Diagnostics Founder and CTO to Highlight Launch of World’s First Commercialized Graphene Biosensor at the Graphene World Summit

San Diego | September 15, 2016

Leading nanotechnology expert Dr. Brett Goldsmith will share graphene’s key role in AGILE R100, an all-electronic, label-free binding assay.

Nanomedical Diagnostics’ Novel AGILE Graphene Biosensor Advances Kinase Research for the Development of Therapeutic Pharmaceuticals

San Diego | July 20, 2016

Study published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society demonstrates previously unattainable measurements for kinase drug discovery.

Nanomedical Diagnostics Launches a New Graphene Biosensor with Unprecedented Functionality for Small Molecule and Protein Analysis

San Diego | February 16, 2016

The first AGILE Early Access Dev Kit test with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus resulted in novel measurements that could not be gathered using traditional methods.

Nanomedical Diagnostics Announces Scientific Advisory Board of Top Scientists and Medical Researchers

San Diego | December 10, 2015

Timothy J. Broderick, Robert C. Dynes, and Jayakumar Rajadas will provide key strategic input, technical guidance, and research expertise as the company prepares to launch AGILE Research.

Nanomedical Diagnostics Announces Raise of $1.6MM in Series A Funding

San Diego | October 13, 2015

San Diego-based biotech company focuses on launching the world’s first graphene biosensor.

Announcing Launch of Nanomedical Diagnostics, a Company Releasing the World’s First Commercialized Graphene Biosensor

San Diego | September 18, 2015

New company aims to supply affordable monitoring and diagnostic platforms that empower individuals to make informed personal healthcare choices.