AGILE R100 label-free assay
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AGILE R100. Includes Reader and specified cartridge.

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Product Description

AGILE R100 is an all-electronic label-free assay that provides sensitive real-time binding kinetics and concentration data for optimizing lead compounds during drug discovery. Unlike optical-based systems, the inert graphene-based biosensor can detect small molecules and fragments with no lower size limit in up to 10% DMSO in as little as 10 μL, all in a benchtop device, placing you in charge of analyzing challenging samples in your own lab on your own time.

The AGILE R100 reader houses the majority of the system’s electronic components while the cartridge holds the biosensor chip. The system is available with two cartridge options:

  • The Direct Connect cartridge connects directly to the AGILE R100 reader for compact use and can be separated from the reader post-experiment for easy decontamination with standard protocols.
  • The Cable Connect cartridge attaches to the reader via a one-meter-long high density cable. This enables additional use of the cartridge in a wide range of experimental settings (ex: with a temperature controlled incubator or in a biosafety cabinet) that may otherwise damage the reader. The Cable Connect cartridge is also easily decontaminated post-experiment with standard protocols.

Both cartridges are compatible with the AGILE reader. While one is included with the AGILE R100 system purchase, additional cartridges are available as accessories.

Includes: AGILE R100 Reader, Cartridge (your choice of Direct Connect or Cable Connect), 5 AGILE Biosensor Chips, and Data Acquisition and Analysis software.

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Direct Connect Cartridge, Cable Connect Cartridge