Agile R100 is a personal assay system that provides sensitive label-free kinetic binding and affinity data for small molecule and protein drug discovery research. Analyze biomolecules in crude media including solvents, detergents, cell and tissue lysate, and serum with just a 10 μL drop of sample, and get the data you want in your lab, on your schedule.

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  • Agile R100 Reader
  • Agile R100 Cartridge including cover
  • Agile Plus data acquisition and analysis software
  • Agile R100 User Manual
  • Getting Started Kit for Agile R100, which includes all material needed to run a positive control interaction: Three Agile R100 biosensor chips, material, samples, reagents, and Getting Started Kit manual. The Getting Started Kit is a self-training guide for using Agile R100 and understanding of Agile Plus analysis.

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