Frustrated because the limit of detection (LOD) of your interaction is lower than your instrument can read? Agile R100 has a dynamic range starting at 100 fM so you never have to be hampered by lack of sensitivity again.

Agile R100 Features:

  • LLOD in fM range to capture tight binding interactions.
  • Trouble-shoot antibody-based assays.
  • 8+ hour run-time allows for long dissociation measurements for accurate off-rates.
  • Orthogonal electrical sensing mechanism to cross-check interactions.
  • Transfer ELISA protocol directly to Agile R100 with little to no assay adjustment.


Immobilized Antibody and IL-6

label-free Agile R100 kinetic characterization

Data from Agile R100 showing 0.2 – 10,000 pg/mL IL-6 in 1X PBS buffer binding to an immobilized antibody compared to an ELISA. No assay adjustment was made in the transition from ELISA to Agile R100.