Cancer targets such as Myc oncoprotein often lack active sites amenable to small molecule binding, making them challenging to drug. Further, Myc can stick non-specifically to and aggregate on dextran-coated surfaces and be difficult to study using traditional platforms. With a sensor surface that is nonreactive with biomolecules, graphene-based Agile R100 provides direct binding measurements with vastly reduced non-specific noise.

Agile R100 Features:

  • High-quality quantitative kinetic analysis including, kon, koff, and KD
  • Low target material requirements starting at 0.5 ng
  • Fast measurements that enable quick kinetic characterization of unstable proteins
  • Just a 10 µL drop of sample enables more data with less material
  • Reusable Agile biosensor chips provide up to 10 measurements each
label-free Agile R100 dose-response curve

The figure above shows binding activity of a set of test compounds to MYC protein. Additional info can be found in the Learn More section.