Label-free Agile R100 is an optics-free assay troubleshooting tool that lets you validate the results of your weak binders without the noise of labels. No more sending false positives to secondary screening, now you can confirm your hits with a direct measurement tool that reduces confounding interactions.

Agile R100 Features:

  • Upper LOD in mM range to capture weak binding interactions
  • 10% DMSO compatibility eliminates solvent noise
  • Label-free to reduce unwanted interactions that confound results
  • Measure small molecules ≥10 Da


Protein TNFα and Small Molecule Compound SPD304

label-free Agile R100 kinetic characterization

In the figure above, overlaid sensorgrams generated by Agile Plus software show full kinetic characterization using a COOH Agile biosensor. A concentration series of small molecule SPD304 diluted in 1X PBS is measured against immobilized cytokine TNFα. The curves show the concentration dependence of the interaction, and Agile Plus software provides kon, koff, and KD.